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7 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Help You Negotiate


Skipping the cost of a professional real estate agent when buying or selling a home will save you some money upfront – but you will pay dearly later in the process.

Real estate transactions are complex arrangements with potential pitfalls that could affect your bottom line. Hiring an agent can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Perhaps that’s why roughly eight out of every nine buyers and sellers engage the services of a real estate agent.

Chris Richardson, president of Richardson Properties in California, says firms like his bring hundreds of years of combined experience to real estate transactions. Here’s why that’s good news for you:

  1. Knowledge of the market
    On average, homeowners buy a house every 7-10 years. A lot can change during that time, leaving you at a disadvantage. And online estimates are notoriously inaccurate, missing by as much as 35 percent on the value of property. Your broker, on the other hand, knows the market inside and out and can steer you to good decisions.
  2. Marketing makes a big difference
    “Superior real estate agents employ the latest marketing techniques to present your home in the best light and reach the largest number of prospective buyers,” says Richardson. Buyer’s agents can help cut through the marketing and determine which properties offer the best values for their particular clients.
  3. Closing costs are negotiable
    Real estate agents know that the price of the house is not the final word. Both buyers and sellers must pay transactional costs like mortgage points and taxes. A real estate agent can help you navigate this thicket and even negotiate better deals.
  4. Closing dates matter
    Time is often money in real estate deals. Your agent will know whether the other party is eager to move and might be willing to pay more for speeding up the deal. That’s expertise you probably don’t have.
  5. Other valuable considerations
    There is a lot of room in a property deal to negotiate beyond the value of the house. Home warranties, home repairs, furniture and appliances all have value that might be negotiable. A professional real estate agent works with these issues regularly and can get the best value for you.
  6. Understanding the paperwork
    Buying or selling a home is a complicated legal process with steps that must be completed in a specific order. Agents with experience in real estate transactions save their client money and headaches by ensuring the process proceeds smoothly. Not knowing these legalities can cost thousands of dollars’ worth of time and money.
  7. Don’t give the other side the edge
    While buyers and sellers both negotiate the home price, one side is at a distinct advantage if they employ a professional agent and the other side does not. Imagine arguing a case in court against a lawyer – it’s not a fair fight! An agent can help you get the best deal at every step of process.

Richardson Properties provides superior customer service, thorough understanding of the San Luis Obispo real estate market and innovative marketing tools to help you with buying and selling property. Affiliated with the renowned luxury agency Christie’s International Real Estate, Richardson Properties has been a market leader on California’s Central Coast for over 30 years.

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