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Duncan Harmon Associate

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After completing a degree in communications at Penn State University, Duncan gained deep experience in home renovation, remodeling and landscape architecture. He developed keen negotiating skills and gained deep insight into the ins and outs of home renovation and remodeling, managing a multi-million dollar, three-year project. Duncan went on to work with an award-winning Belgian landscape architect inspiring him to take post-graduate studies at Harvard University in landscape architecture. Duncan’s fused passion for real estate with his breadth of experience in homes brings a comprehensive discernment to his clients.


Duncan is known for his VIP treatment and from the first moment, you will believe you are his only client. His infectious enthusiasm and outgoing personality belie his strengths in fierce negotiations, knowledge of the market and investment values, true understanding of client’s individual needs and his management of the details.

Matt Hathaway Accounting Manager

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* Calculate and prepare agent commission checks as quickly as possible as a number one priority

* Keep track of agent commission income year to date to ensure proper tier level commission splits

* Invoice agents regularly and provide transparent communication and invoice backup documentation

* Answer agent questions with regards to invoiced expenses and commission splits